Saturday, January 24, 2015

#137: Lethal Weapon

Guns. Guns are lethal weapons.
Ok, so I know Lethal Weapon is a movie franchise from when I was a kid so I really should have seen these movies. But I haven't. I think they're mixed-race buddy cop movies? With Mel Gibson and Danny Glover? I also had never played the game before. But it probably features guns in some way...
Pipe traps... 8(
It turns out this game is a platformer where you start off as one of the cops. Play until he dies. Then play as the other cop. Until he dies too. Then you can continue up to 5 times. It took me all of my continues to beat a level. Which it turns out was level 3, since it lets you select your mission and I chose the first one I found.
Mel Gibson can FLY!
This game is not very good. Enemies routinely shot from off screen and ripped my health to shreds. You could duck bullets if you saw them coming (or if you eventually got paranoid and ducked every couple steps just in case) but you couldn't shoot or kick while ducking. Sometimes I'd duck and an enemy with a machine gun would choose to never shoot. Instead he'd just walk over to me and kill me by running into my ducked character.

Maybe if I'd seen the movies I would have cared more about the different missions? Are they even from the movies? Looks like no. The final boss of this game is the final boss of the 3rd movie though so there is a tie-in there.

I didn't really like the game, but it was still a functional game with three different buttons. So it's better than some things! It also had a decent song playing which I suspect might have been the theme song for the movies? Maybe? If I'd seen them maybe I could say for sure.

Rating: C

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